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Preferred Wording and Error Reduction

RED, Inc. writers reach your customers through well-written, accurately researched information. RED, Inc. writers come from various media and communication backgrounds our writers have the demonstrated experience to create clever copy, assist authors with clarifying ideas, and tight document structure.

Typos and punctuation errors in publications are embarrassing and unprofessional. RED, Inc. editors correct grammatical errors which distract readers from the content. RED, Inc. documents are consistent, correct, and readable.

The writers at RED, Inc. have extensive experience in preparing documentation for publication, including:

  • NEPA documentation
  • Training manuals
  • End-user documentation
  • Scientific and research documentation
  • Research and develop material for technical topics
  • Operational procedures
  • RCRA research, development, and demonstration permit applications
  • Curriculum development
  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Marketing materials
  • Scientific & Technical Publications

The staff works with subject matter experts to write and prepare accurate material. In some cases, the staff researches topics or regulations and prepares material for subject matter expert approval. We organize, create, assign and distribute your project through the production process to ensure a quality end product. RED, Inc. will effectively and efficiently see your project through, from start to finish.


Redressing Documents

The look and layout of your technical material is important. Not only does it allow your material to be comprehensive and concise, but it portrays a professional standard of excellence. RED, Inc. desktop publishers can prepare technical reports, newsletters, procedures, scientific and technical documents, etc. for printing. With the latest technology and format capabilities, RED, Inc. will organize your printed materials creatively, sparking current and potential customer’s interest.

RED, Inc. employs a staff of highly skilled desktop publishers who have more than 20 years combined experience in preparing all levels of technical documentation and procedures for publication. They work closely with the writing/editing staff to prepare complex documentation for publication. Their expertise involves an in-depth knowledge of various software packages such as FrameMaker and Microsoft Office 365.

These individuals have a strong understanding of pre-press requirements, macro development, equation editors, table package functions, building index tables for index generation, endnotes, table of contents development, and formatting requirements.

The Experimental Breeder Reactor-II (EBR-II) was a remarkable engineering achievement. RED, Inc. and its staff of communications professionals were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Argonne National Laboratory and the project manager of EBR-II, Leonard Koch, to assist in writing, editing and producing (for publication) this first-hand account of the development, design, construction, and initial operation of the EBR-II facility.  

The EBR-II reactor created by Professor Koch contained significant ideas and solutions, which are being successively used by scientists all over the world in the developments of the safest nuclear reactors: waste fuel is immediately recycled and re-delivered to the reactor. Professor Koch was the first to implement this mechanism in practice. This technology leads to safer nuclear energy for all mankind.

In 2004 Leonard J. Koch was granted the Global Energy International Energy Prize for physical-technical basis and development of fast reactors.

Cover Image of EBR II Document

EBR-II, Experimental Breeder Reactor-II

An Integrated Experimental Fast Reactor Nuclear Power Station

RED, Inc. Communications was contracted by Argonne National Laboratory to assist in preparing a historical overview of the EBR-II project. This involved working closely with Mr. Koch to take existing historical information not readily available or usable and provide a detailed historical publication that went beyond what was done and provided an account of why it was done. 

RED, Inc. staff supported the entire document production process for this project, including

  • Technical Writing / Editing - Researched historical documents, traveled to Mr. Koch to interview and understand his hand written accounts of the EBR-II project, worked closely with Mr. Koch as we prepared the text of the document to ensure accuracy of information, and provided final editing before publication.
  • Graphic Design - Provided support in the clean-up of historical technical illustrations, and the scanning and clean-up of historical EBR-II project documentation and photographs.
  • Desktop Publishing - Provided template design and development and layout of the final document for print, prepared table of contents, and incorporated editorial changes.