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Today, a professionally designed and written on-line marketing or informational source is imperative to the success or expansion of any business or program. At RED, Inc. we build custom sites with a team of writers, graphic designers and programmers working together to build a site that fits the needs of our customers rather than the needs of a one size fits all template website.  Our designers and writers create a cyber site portraying your business as a leader in technology and innovation for all to see on the front-end, while our web development staff empowers our customers with a user friendly content management system (CMS) on the back-end to ensure their site is always up-to-date and fresh. Each site we design and build is programmed using responsive design to ensure your site views correctly on any device and web browser. For our government customers, we ensure full 508 compliance with all sites we develop. Whether it is a static site or complex site driven by a CMS, RED, Inc. can help you express your business and marketing strategy in a variety of ways, specifically directed at your core target audience or to the general web-surfing population. RED, Inc. can be your link, today, to tomorrow's on-line marketing future.

RED, Inc. was awarded a contract in 2009 to undertake the redesign of the Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC) website, including the development of a content management system (CMS) that would provide an avenue for faculty and staff to update specific portions of the website.

The original website contained pages that were three and four layers deep and was difficult to navigate. The new website needed to move from a simple brochure site to a resource for the EITC community. RED, Inc. staff facilitated inter-department cooperation to design a website that would accomplish the following goals:

  1. Build a new brand for EITC
  2. Provide easy navigation 
  3. Provide news and information to the EITC community
  4. Attract prospective students, employees, and donors
  5. Engage visitors of all ages
  6. Develop CMS and document procedures for faculty use
  7. Ensure ADA compliance 
  8. Adhere to web standards and technology.


Image of Eastern Idaho Technical College 2015 Redesign

2015 EITC Website Redesign Project and Beyond

Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC)

In 2009, RED, Inc. web designers and developers were tasked with redesigning a new website that would take on a modern, fresh look and provide a user friendly experience for the end user. This redesign effort was completed in 2009.

In 2014, EITC tasked RED, Inc. with the design of a new microsite for the Fire Service Technology program that was previously administered by the State of Idaho. This website featured responsive design principals, as well as the latest web technology.

In 2015, RED, Inc. began the second redesign of the EITC site using the same design developed for the Fire Service Technology site. This ensured a consistent design theme for EITC. RED, Inc. staff included a more robust CMS to give the college further control over the back end management of the site.